Medical Speech Recognition FAQ

Frequently Asked Question!

In general we will contract to assist in setting up the software for users, provide assistance in constructing an initial command set for use in your EMR (No Integration) , and provide initial (in depth) training for your users.  We are happy to field questions after this time.  For more extensive trouble-shooting, additional user training, and other requests, we will offer our technical and training services on a for-pay hourly basis.

Although some practices, particularly those with an experienced “champion” in the use of speech recognition software,  have been able to take the plunge without assistance, this is often fairly riskly and is associated with a high risk of failure.  Why?  Speech Recognition Solutions offers the following:

  1. Assessment of your practice logistics, workflow and current EMR
  2. Assessment of your current hardware and its suitability for use with Dragon; if necessary we will make recommendation for hardware procurement
  3. Assistance in the installation of the software
  4. Assistance in configuring your software
  5. Initial user training (typically 2 hours per user – done either in person or during a personalized web based training session)
  6. Provision of a starter command/macro set to assist in provider efficiencyAfter sales support

In the simplest terms, speech recognition software allows your voice to substitutes for keyboard entry on a personal computer.  In so doing, it allows for entry of text in a word processing document or text box within an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) / HIS / HER /PACS and navigation on your computer simply by speaking into a microphone.  In addition, speech recognition software has functionality which allows multi-step processes on the personal computer to be initiated with a single spoken command.

We consider our primary  advantage the high level of medical involvement of everyone involved in our company.  Speech Recognition Solutions is physician owned and managed.  Our training division is headed by a woman with years of nursing experience.   In addition to the medical orientation of our company, we are a family owned and managed business.  We take great pride in providing honest advice, fair prices, and excellent support.  Our goal is to be rewarded for providing value to our customers.  Absent the providing value, we are simply selling software and this is not our goal.

If you are determined to run Dragon on a Mac, it is possible to do so in 2 ways if you have one of the new Intel Macs. 

  1. Use boot camp to set up a hard drive partition on which you can install the Windows operating system (XP or Vista) and install Dragon on this partition.  Dragon will work fine.  The only problem with this arrangement is that you will be running the Windows operating system and not have access to your apple software and functionality
  2. You can use either Parallels or Fusion to run a Windows partition on your Mac “virtually”.  This allows to you launch the Windows OS from within the Mac OS.  The only issue with this arrangement is that there are occasionally some issues porting the sound from the Apple hardware to the Windows OS. 

In general, most recent vintage Windows-based computers support the use of speech recognition software.  Specific requirements appear in the table below.  Although a minimum of 3 GB of RAM (random access memory) is required, 4 GB or more is generally preferred.