JiveX Healthcare Content Management: organizing medical data systematically

JiveX Healthcare Content Management (HCM) offers a customized solution for displaying and communicating medical data in a structured manner, regardless of location. The system can be customized for different user groups and applications here. JiveX HCM offers all modules for holistic integration, processing, archiving, and distribution of medical data within one system.

Due to its high capability of integration with other primary systems, such as the HIS, this creates a seamless communication loop which increases the quality of patient care while optimizing efficiency in healthcare institutions. JiveX Healthcare Content Management provides the consolidated database required for networking medical systems.

JiveX components

JiveX Healthcare Content Management consolidates medical data within a single system. All information about a case or a patient is available at a glance and can be included in diagnostic and therapeutic decisions. The quality of care is thus increased and offers healthcare employees more security in their workplace.

The individual components of the healthcare content management system ensure maximum data utilization for the benefit of patients.

The four components of the JiveX Healthcare Content Management

Medical Integration

The JiveX integration functions allow medical data to be integrated and made available in HCM regardless of the source format.

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Medical Viewing

The JiveX Viewer enables the display of all case- or patient-related medical data at a glance.

Medical Sharing

The functions of JiveX Medical Sharing make it easy to share and communicate medical data.

Medical Archiving

JiveX Medical Archiving enables vendor-independent, audit-proof storage of all medical data.

The first step to a Healthcare Content Management System

The HCM consists of individual modules that can be combined to build a complete system. This is a practical approach in that hospitals can add individual components to their existing infrastructure or introduce the entire HCM step by step. This is also of benefit as existing deficits in the infrastructure can also be bridged.

Benefits of the JiveX HCM at a glance
Download the JiveX Enterprise PACS Flyer