LG 3MP Diagnostic Display

  • 21.3 (54.102 cm) IPS 3MP
  • DICOM Part 14
  • Auto Luminance Sensor
  • Remote & Self Calibration
  • Pivot
  • Brightness(Typ.) 1000 nits

21.3 (54.102 cm) IPS 3MP

Accurate Image Quality

The 21.3 (54.102 cm) 3MP IPS display with 1000 nits brightness facilitates the viewing of medical images from CT and Angiography by presenting quality and accuracy. The 21HK512D clinical monitor allows medical professionals to easily distinguish even delicate detail.

DICOM Part 14

Stable Grayscale Images

The standard DICOM Part 14 Gamma allows for accurate diagnostics as it adjusts the greyscale levels of medical images received from different types of image capturing devices. Plus, 18-bit LUT also makes enhanced, accurate grayscale image, smoothing out the transition between LUT values.Auto Luminance Sensor

Automatic Brightness Stabilization

Auto Luminance sensor measures the backlight brightness stability and automatically compensates for brightness fluctuations caused by aging for a consistently stable display during the usage life.
Remote & Self Calibration

Improved Productivity

Built-in Remote and Self Calibration helps to increase productivity and efficiency. It converts automatically the medical images to more suitable images to make a exact diagnosis.Pivot

Ergonomic Design

The Ergonomic Stand with pivot adjustment allows the user to create an optimized diagnostic workspace without any bothersome on-screen contents by its lower cover between two monitors.