Dragon Medical Practice Edition and EHR

Dragon Medical Practice

Digital documentation of everyday data is a common practice nowadays in all the sectors. Accepting the new changes, the health sector has also adopted the digital documentation of the patient’s data with electronic health record systems, commonly abbreviated as EHR. The EHR streamlines the workflow of a clinician, providing him with more detail and organised information regarding the patient’s progress. But maintaining and recording the data for an EHR system may get time consuming. This is where Dragon Medical Practice Edition may help in. 

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How The Dragon Medical Practice Edition Helps Physicians and Clinics

How The Dragon Medical Practice Edition Helps Physicians and ClinicsOne of the most profound changes in the healthcare field is the introduction of electronic health record systems. Initially seen as a way to digitize patient charts and records, EHRs have also vastly increased the amount of information collected 

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Healthcare Must be Productive and Efficient to be Profitable

Healthcare Must beProductivity and efficiency go hand in hand, if you have one but not the other, your business could be suffering. More importantly, the people you service may be suffering even more.  Let’s just look at the definitions:

Productive – Of or involved in the creation of goods and services to produce wealth or value. It is based on output per unit of time.

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